Open-source low code platform

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Meveo is an open-source low code platform that allow to rapidly prototype, develop and execute back and front applications

A 5 minutes overview

Licence : AGPLv3.0

The latest stable release is 7.1.3

Source code and documentation : github

Step by step tutorials

  1. Run meveo locally using git and docker

  2. Install a module (i.e. an app) from a json file

  3. Clone a github repository in meveo

  4. Check that a git repo is a module

  5. Install a module from a git repo

  6. Create a new module
  7. clone a meveo module locally
  8. create an entity
  9. create a function using java in meveo UI
  10. update a java function in vscode
  11. create a REST endpoint
  12. test an endpoint with postman
  13. create a websocket endpoint
  14. create a job
  15. create a workflow
  16. create a notification


  1. Explanation of the devcontainer docker-compose.yml file and how to connect java debugger
  2. Create a module and clone it locally
  3. Create an entity
  4. use meveo postman testsuite
  5. a 1h walkthrough for devs